Keep It Loud - Keep It Heavy - Keep It Sinister”

Sinisters Army


Welcome to the Official Sinisters Army -

SINISTERS ARMY -formed by musician /lead guitarist  Peter Graigs & / vocalist - guitarist Keith Ferrari –

With three solid albums under their belts Sinister 2018 and Criminal Race 2019 and their single hit  Sinisters Christmas 2018 / Mary Did You Know? 2022... Their 3rd album titled "VALLEY OF THE DEAD" 2024 - 

"🎸 A powerhouse of hard rock & metal music, unleashing their energy and passion through every chord they play. Peter Graigs guitar riffs are fierce and electrifying, captivating audiences with their raw intensity. They are fearless in their performance, commanding the stage with their presence and commanding the attention of all who listen. Keith Ferrari's vocals / lyrics and center stage are filled with power and rebellion, resonating with those who crave the unbridled energy of rock music . They embrace the loud and aggressive nature of this genre, using it to express their authentic self and connect with others who share their love for hard rock music. They are a force to be reckoned with, leaving a lasting impact on the world of hard rock.  #HardRock #powerrock #metal #PowerfulMusic"



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